I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat. - Edgar Allan Poe
I write with style and message, regardless of medium. That's why I write fiction for screen and print, and non-fiction for academic publications and magazines. Information about my various projects and outlets can be found below, and more writing is accessible from my blog.

Just Plain Dead: Web Series, Noir Genre Comedy (Pre-Production)

Mags Smithie is a hard-boiled lady-detective on the mean streets, nabbing hooch hounds and floozies in a film noir universe straight from the 1940s. When a mysterious homme fatale brings her a kidnapping case, the private eye turns her eyes toward a different type of crime. Read an excerpt...

Transnationals: Feature Screenplay, Drama (Now Funding)

Clashes of family, culture and identity drive three adopted Asian-American women back to their roots to unearth lost connections and face stunning consequences. Set in rural Japan, urban South Korea and northern Bangladesh. Read an excerpt...

Either/Or: Feature Screenplay (Completed)

A supernatural drama that brings together the philosophy and poetic imagination of Soren Kierkegaard. When Victor finds an antique gramophone filled with essays and journals, his enquiries into their origins begins to reflect his current life, and he must figure out how to escape his own story before it comes to an end. Read an excerpt...

Everlasting Love: Feature Screenplay (Completed)

A 150-year-old vampire is re-awakened and, in a quest to redeem the past and return to human form, he falls in love with a female priest, which might be his only hope of returning to the world of the living; but her faith is also his only obstacle. Read an excerpt...

Frank's Classic Camera: Short Screenplay (Completed)

An aging woman tries to keep her husband's obsolete camera shop alive. Read an excerpt...

EmanuelLevy (Contributing Writer)

Film reviews for recent and vintage releases include Paris, Texas, Frida, Time Out, Hollywood, je t'aime, and others. Emanuellevy.com/search/cfm

Oxford Journal of Theological Studies (Contributing Writer)

Reviews of academic books by Jacob Howlands, Sylvia Walsh, and more to follow.

Northern Express Magazine (Former Contributing Writer)

I've written a few things for this magazine over the years, including features on unique Michigan CS Lewis Festival, and DJ-ing your way into the new year.

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